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Master Rules

Rule No. 1

No Member is allowed to retire living beings, other anipals or real, live toys that deserve our love and respect.  At this time, Members are allowed to retire official dog toys, shoes, slippers, pillows, garbage pails and other assorted inanimate objects.

Rule No. 2

Any Member caught injuring living beings, other anipals or real, live toys that deserve our love and respect will be sanctioned immediately.

Translation = we do not eat our friends.  We know who are friends are and we have no intention of hurting them in any manner.  A security force has been trained to deal with offenders. Hopefully, they will never be needed.

Rule No. 3

Sanctioning of a Member in violation of Rule No. 1 can include termination of membership, suspension of membership for specific time periods and/or removal from the Members page.

Rule No. 4

A Member will be deemed to be sanctioned if Miss PishPosh and at least one current, active Member determine that their actions warrant sanctioning.  Members may post comments on the blog regarding activities that they deem to be sanctionable.

Rule No. 5

Reinstatement from a sanctioning will be determined on a case by case basis.  A sanctioned member may request reinstatement by posting a comment on this blog requesting a review of their sanctioned status.  Miss PishPosh and one other member must respond favourably to the request for sanctioning review for a sanction to be lifted.

Rule No. 6

Once a member – always a member.  Unless you decide you no longer want be a member or are formally sanctioned for violation of Rule No. 1.

Rule No. 7

All members are equal – with one exception.  Miss PishPosh is the ultimate arbiter and has final say in posting of activities, sanctioning, new membership, and disputes.  Why?  She started the gang and someone has to play the heavy…

General Information

Want to become a member?  Have an item you think qualifies for retirement?

  • Tweet @MissPishPosh your request to join; and
  • Post a tweet with a picture of the item(s) to be retired with the #destructogang hashtag.

Not on Twitter?

  • Send an email to PishPoshSays@yahoo.com with your information and picture of item(s) to be retired; or
  • Find us on Facebook; or
  • Leave a message on this blog and we’ll arrange for membership.

No longer want to be a member?

What’s wrong with you? Are you wacko? Ok, fine. To retire yourself from the gang, simply:

  • Send an email to PishPoshSays@yahoo.com stating you wish to retire; or
  • Send a Tweet to @MissPishPosh saying you wish to retire; or
  • Leave a comment/message on this blog

Want to get a Membership Badge?

Starting May 1, 2011, badges may be purchased through PayPal for $7.50 + 2.50 s/h.

A portion of the profit raised from the sale of the badges will be donated, on a quarterly basis, to Northwest International Pet Rescue (NWIPR).

NWIPR is the designated rescue group for this blog because they rescued Miss PishPosh when she was dumped at a kill shelter in Washington State by her original family around Christmas 2010.

Want to use the Destructo Gang logo on your site or in your Blog?

Send an email to PishPoshSays@yahoo.com with your request.  This is our logo and it may not be used without prior written approval by Miss PishPosh.  Our custom designed logo was designed by the amazing Natalie Silva.  She can be reached at on her own website or through Twitter at @Super_Nat.

Fine Print:
Destructo Gang is not a designated 501(c) charity at this time.  Monies spent purchasing a Member Badge are not currently tax deductible.  If you purchase a badge, it is our intent to donate a portion of the profit to the above listed 501(c) charity.  From time to time, other charities may also be included.  

These Master Rules and General Information are dynamic.  They will be updated, possibly deleted, and information will be changed and improved from time to time.  So, don’t count on anything being set in stone… We are just having fun here.  Join in and make this gang better and better.

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